Should we worry about AI?

Nowadays GPT 4.0 has brought the topic of AI unprecedented attention. While many people enjoy this new technology, some express their worries. Perhaps you heard these from the Internet and your friends:

  • ChatGPT is an amazing thing, but it will replace many jobs. Even in a certain future, AI will be able to have self-awareness and then dominate human beings.
  • ChatGPT will collect everyone’s data and become some Big Bads’ tool to govern the blue planet.
  • Once AI is enough smart and strong, it will destroy this disgusting world.

Actually, these opinions are not strange. When electricity, cars, and nuclear weapons were created, people also expressed similar points of view. Basically, every revolutionary innovation always comes with controversy. I admit certain apprehension is necessary, but I believe that most of them are inevitable in the development of technology, which makes us have to face them with a positive mindset.

Who will be replaced by ChatGPT?

While modern medicine replaced witchcraft, shamans were replaced by doctors. While cars replaced carriages, there are more and more drivers instead of horsemen. While chainsaws replaced traditional saws, lumberjacks weren’t replaced, they just changed the way to cut more trees. While computers replaced abaci, accountants are busier and busier.

YES, technology will weed out some things that couldn’t keep up while they created more new demands as well. I believe ChatGPT won’t let painters and writers lose their jobs. Instead, more people will learn how to use AI as a tool to show their creativity. Actually, AI reduces the learning curve for programming, painting, writing and many many staffs.

Someone said tools are extensions of the human. Only if they are better than our hands, legs and brain, we will be willing to use them. Machines can be beyond our hands; vehicles are faster than our legs; calculators make us not need to do mental arithmetic. Thus, it is unnecessary to be worried that ChatGPT is smarter than us. We just want to invent something better than ourselves as a tool, and that’s what tools are all about.

Could ChatGPT make our work easier?

Yes and No.

ChatGPT indeed brought a lot of benefits to us. In the past, we perhaps need a whole day to finish a UI design of one page. At present we just tell ChatGPT what we need, and then it could provide its artwork in only seconds. We do not need to spend a lot of time finding a solution on Stackoverflow to fix a bug anymore.

Though it seems to improve our unit work efficiency, we won’t still keep past workload. Due to human desires, trust me, new technologies will not only bring exponential improvements in efficiency but also exponential demand. Marketing doesn’t allow you to finish your work that took 8 hours per day in 1 hour now, meanwhile spending the rest 7 hours resting. We have to do more things to meet inflated demand. Workflows and organizational structures also become more complex as demands increase. When the time comes, you will see new careers and methods of working.


Human beings may just be accidents in the universe. We do never know about the plague, climate change, or asteroids which one will first destroy us. Probably we are overly concerned about the dangers of nuclear weapons and AI, but they might be able to help us resolve those. The AI could speed up research of vaccines; unclear weapons could destroy asteroids. I cannot predict what will happen in the future, I just know advanced technologies could bring hope for unknown everything.