Menubar is smaller, you only need an All-in-One switch.

Install by Homebrew

brew install only-switch

Manually Download

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What’s the OnlySwitch?

OnlySwitch provides a series of toggle switches to simplify your routine work, such as Hidden desktop icons, dark mode, and hide notch of the new Macbook Pro. The switches show on your status bar, you can control them effortlessly. Switch and Shortcuts items can be customized (remove/add or sort) to show on the list.

Since Version 1.7, Shortcuts can be imported into OnlySwitch.

Since Version 2.0, supports keyboard shortcuts. You can control your all switches and Shortcuts with the keyboard.

Sits in the status bar

Since Version 2.3.6, the Switches Availability (including Player and Hide Menu Bar Icons) is moved to System’s menu bar.

Everyone can contribute macOS Shortcuts for OnlySwitch now. Please read How to contribute for Shortcuts Gallery. The shared Shortcuts will be displayed here:

Sits in the status bar

Switch list

Switch status Switch status
Hide desktop finished Hide notch exist some issues
Dark mode finished Low power mode require password
Screen Saver finished Show Finder Path Bar finished
Night Shift finished Mute mic finished
Autohide Dock finished Small launchpad icon finished
Airpods finished Pomodoro timer finished
Bluetooth finished Show extension name finished
Xcode cache finished Show user library folder finished
Autohide Menu Bar finished Mute finished
Show hidden files finished Empty pasteboard finished
Radio Station finished Empty trash finished
Keep awake finished Show Recent Apps on Dock finished
Spotify finished Apple Music finished
Screen Test finished Hide Menu Bar Icons partly finished
FKey finished Back Noises finished
Dim Screen finished Eject Discs finished
Hide Windows partly finished    

Since Version 1.3, switches can be added to or removed from the list.

Shortcuts Actions

Actions status
Get wallpaper image exist some issues
Get wallpaper url finished
Is dark mode finished
Set dark mode finished

Supported Languages 🇺🇳

English, Simplified Chinese, German, Croatian, Turkish, Polish, Filipino, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Somali, Korean, French

Welcome to pull requests for these

  • support other languages
  • fix bugs

If you have other good ideas 💡, feel free to send an E-mail to me.

🚀The future plan is to make OnlySwitch become a toolkit-sharing platform. OnlySwitch will allow developers to distribute shell, apple script and javascript code to create more features. @AruSeito and I are implementing this plan. If you are also interested in it, feel free to join us.

If you like it, help support this app by giving me a cup of tea for me to keep coding.

Sits in the status bar

Hiding new Macbook Notch

The Hide notch switch only shows on the built-in display of M1 Pro/Max Macbook Pro. The switch just controls the current desktop, not all work desktops. Now, the Hide notch switch supports dynamic wallpaper, just the processing takes a much longer time.

Sits in the status bar


Evolution has come following version 2.4, you can freely DIY the switches and buttons that you want. Currently, evolution supports Shell and Apple Script. They also can be invoked by hotkeys. Next, evolution will be able to be distributed by users as a shortcut utility platform.

Evolution settings page is implemented with TCA. PS: Evolution feature needs macOS 13.0 and above.

AirPods Switch

I use classOfDevice(2360344) to check if a Bluetooth device is Airpods Pro, but I’m not sure whether other AirPods modules are also 2360344, since I only have two AirPods Pros. If you are using AirPods 1~3, please tell me what the classOfDevice is. Or I can detect the count of battery value to check if AirPods (when the count is 3, it’s AirPods), like AirPods Battery Monitor For MAC OS.

Radio Player

Radio Player supports m3u, and aac stream, but without sound wave effect. Please send me the crash log and stream URL if your Radio Player crashes. You can close the sound wave effect on the Radio setting, and that player is AVPlayer, more stable. In version 2.3.5, the radio play can be set to enable/disabled. If the function is disabled, the switch will be invisible in the list, and the radio player will be unregistered from Now Playing(But I don’t know why there will be a little delay. It should be a problem by macOS).

Since Version 2.3.11, the radio list can be exported and imported.

Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode uses Terminal commands that require root access, so the app will ask you to enter the password on every toggle.

Screen Test

In Version 2.3, Only Switch brings a new feature, Screen Test. It provides a pure color view in full-screen mode, you can check dead pixels via it. Press the left and right arrow keys, the color will change from black, white, red, green, and blue. This function also can be used for screen cleaning, as you can see the stains on the screen.

Hide Menu Bar Icons

This feature is new in version 2.3.2. To be honest, Hidden and Dozer are both good apps for this function. Many users install OnlySwitch and them simultaneously, but this also squeezes the menu bar, which is already lacking in space. Therefore, the feature integrates into OnlySwitch. When the switch is on, items on the left of the split(arrow-pointing) icon are hidden. Hold ⌘ (command) and drag the icon to configure the hidden section. If you want to use it no longer, you can disable it in preferences, the split icon will disappear. You also can set the interval of autohide for it here. If your date on the menu bar is truncated when it’s on, you can set this: System Preferences -> Dock & Menu Bar -> Clock -> Show date -> always.

Since version 2.3.10, this switch can be controlled via right-click icons.

About Shortcuts

Shortcuts is a powerful iOS app that can help people make fantastic automation functions. It comes to macOS in Monterey as well. Many users are eager OnlySwitch to have more customizable features, and one good news is that the app supports Shortcuts display since Version 1.7. More menubar space, therefore, is saved. In the next versions, OnlySwitch will also provide more Shortcuts actions to improve user experience.

Since Version 2.0, keyboard shortcuts can be set for Shortcuts.

OnlySwitch offers some Shortcuts actions since Version 1.8. For example, you can config your dark mode switch. (Set Appearance action by Shortcuts can also set dark mode, but the appearance status cannot be detected. So, OnlySwitch provides a set dark mode action)

Sits in the status bar

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